We are Rochester Road Runners

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How it all began…

Rochester Road Runners started in 2014 as an alternative to the serious, strait-laced running clubs, and costly running store groups. The goal was to create a free running club where likeminded, friendly people could run, train, race, support, and motivate each other. A team that represented Rochester, the city we love, but most of all—have fun!

Yes, we’re the FUN running club.

If you’ve seen our sharp kits at races, you know we’re “that fun group”. We are one part running club, and one part social club with all the camaraderie, loyalty, and spirit you’d expect from a running team. Some of us are more serious about running and some of us are just here to find running partners and make new friends. Your involvement is completely up to you.

No dues, no fees, all free.

That’s right, membership is free. We are not a store, nor affiliated with any store, and we have no office, or overhead, so there are no fees, expectations, or pressure to buy anything. Group runs are held at various locations around Rochester on Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings (which includes a long run option), plus one training workout on Thursday evenings.

All paces and experience levels are welcome, whether you’re a hardcore marathoner or a beginner looking for some help and others to learn from.

It’s not all fun and games.

Rochester Road Runners is lead by an RRCA Certified Running Coach available to all members. If you’re looking to PR that next 5k, train for your first marathon, or get in shape we’ve got you covered.


Want to be a Rochester Road Runner?

Think you have what it takes?

Our club is open to the public, but we have to make sure that you’re a fit. Just fill out the form and we’ll review it and get back to you.